Yasmin Melean

Sweet Little Boy
9'' x 12 ''
100% Colored Pencil (Prismacolor) on Strathmored Bristol Vellum Paper
Reference: CC0 image from Pixabay

Since a very young age I was attracted to science and art and I remember as a teen my favorite medium was the graphite while fascinated by portraiture (although at the time I owned lots of color pencils, I had two left feet using them). Later on, I had to choose one area as a career, deciding to become a Physicist for many years and continue to be self-taught in arts. However, time was scarce putting a hiatus to drawing until few years ago with the arrival of my kid when the pause was in my career. It is since that moment that I had the opportunity to discover and re-discover art in particular the beauty of colored pencils and their power.
Currently I am a self-employed artist at Melean Creations and located in Canberra, Australia. My favorite subjects are people faces and nature, and as time pass by, I am becoming more thirsty for colorful subjects. I love fantasy art and realism and currently working hard to develop the skills to combine both as I find difficult to recreate only from imagination. I would say Colored Pencils is my main medium, but as part of my learning journey I also work with other media that include graphite, ink, pastels, acrylics and watercolor which sometimes I combine with colored pencils in my Mixed Media works.

• Colored Pencil Magazine – Monthly contest. Winner in the Beginner category for February and March 2015.
• Colored Pencil Magazine – Monthly contest. Winner in the Advanced category for August 2015.
• Colored Pencil Magazine – Monthly contest. Several Honorable Mentions in the Beginner and Advance categories.

Other Achievements:
• Color – Ann's Kullberg's magazine. Featured online on August 2019 Art Showcase.

Family Love
Approx. 25cm x 35xm
100% Colored Pencil: Prismacolors and Derwent Drawing on Canson Drawing paper
Reference: From Sally Robertson, copyright released

22cm x 28cm
Colored Pencils on Strathmore Tan Toned paper. Odorless solvent only used on the background and stars done with white Acrylic
Reference: CC0 Photo from Pixabay (cat) and imagination.

Mystic Fairy
9'' x 12''
100% Colored Pencil (Prismacolor) on Strathmore Bristol Vellum Paper

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