Signature Members

Applications for Signature Status open on the 1st August each year and close on the 21st August. Successful applicants will be notified by the 31st August. For more information on Signature Member Status please visit the About Signature/Master Status page. Successful applicants will have an artwork displayed in the gallery below. A panel of at least 3 but preferably 5 current Master members will be the judges that determine future Master/Signature members and this will be based on a majority decision.

Signature Member Gallery

Please click on each image for more information about our Signature Members
Ines Mendez
Sil D'Almeida
Nancie Quah
Jelly Massee
Kelly Welch
Susan Murray
Yasmin Melean
Jan Fagan
Katrina Benson
Laura Lynn Moscrop
Alexandra Casboult
Tammy Hoffert
Carol-Ann Doran
Tracey Chaykin
Wilfrid Barbier
Sema Martin
Bonny Sheckter
Galal Ramadan
Ashley Roll
Karen Brown
Isobel Buckley
Linda H Clark
Melinda Edstein
John Guiseppi
Toni D Hertzler
Karen James
Ute Koskie
Gayle Mason
Cindy Valek Mottl
Jill Parry
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