Peter Nelson

‘Rolling Breaker’

H 24cm x W 64cm

Pure colored pencil Coloursoft, Artist, Studio Mount Board

My own reference Norfolk Coast line

I am a self-taught artist and always loved art, but since finding Colored Pencils (CP’s) five years ago, I feel that at last, I have found the medium that gives me the tools to advance my style to the point of photorealism. This has enabled me to reach Silver Signature Status as a member of the UK Colored Pencil Society and by pushing CP technique and knowledge, alongside other worldwide enthusiastic CP artists, I feel that together we will lift Colored Pencils to levels they deserve, in the total world of art media.

People ask when I started art. I was always good as I can remember and loved drawing, with early successes, qualifications and worked as an engineering draughtsman. In 1986 I started watercolor painting, finally taking up colored pencils (CP’s) in 2013. So yes, drawing and art have always been a large part of my life and still are but being a CP artist, for me, has been a relatively short experience.

A lot of people are surprised by the photorealistic results that are achieved, stating ‘is that done with colored pencil’ or asking why I changed from watercolors. Between retirement in 2010 and joining the UKCPS (UK Colored Pencil Society) in 2012, a series of profound events transpired: -

1. I couldn’t seem to achieve the standard of work I desired.

2. Fortune occurred in meeting, pastel artist Penelope Milner (Penny) who opened my eyes to study other artist, medias, compositions etc., set targets of advancement and achievement.

3. Inconvenient British weather, watercolors verses rain!

4. Found an old box of Derwent Rexcel watercolor pencils.

5. Completed my first CP drawing, ‘Totally Worn Out’

6. Read an article by Graham Brace on the use of Derwent Coloursoft Pencils and was captivated by the detail.

7. Purchased my first set of colored pencils.

8. Finally, enrolled with the UK Colored Pencil Society.


Since then I have never looked back; CP’s have given me ease of operation, cleanliness and flexibility compared to other medias and control of detail that I love to achieve. My CP subjects have always been varied, finding that each subject incorporates different challenges, techniques, papers and pencil brands.

My first year 2013/14 based on what I call my coastal themes, expanded my CP collection to the Derwent Artist and Studio ranges. They were pure CP works depicting, pebbles, shore waves and battered sea defense structures. Each carried out on different supports for reasons of experience and learning, refining basic technique and understanding.


I suppose my next step with CP’s involved my wife’s Parchment Craft, the embossing technique on heavy Velum surfaces also takes CP’s. Oddly enough, whilst attending a course, she experienced the F/C Polychomos pencils, being advised they were the best for that surface. A full set arrived, and it wasn’t long before I tried a few, they have now become a mainstay in my selected brands. 2014/15 saw a lot of pet portraiture with the intricacies of fur and eyes but my main work, the ‘Four Jolly Old Men of Lydford’


As mentioned, varying compositions and outcomes can mean varying pencil brands and supports; variety helps to make this media so compellingly interesting. Each different surface support, with the large variety of pencil cores, blending medias, solvents and tooling makes for an unlimited variety of artwork styles.


I next experimented with other CP brands, Derwent Inktense, Drawing and their Black and White ranges, I also played with fine liner pens and became involved with Patchings Art Festival for the UKCPS.


The UKCPS at present has been my main driving force for CP’s, their support and exhibitions have allowed me the platform and exposure to the world of this fabulous media, with inspiration to further my work to higher level and together with other UK & international members push it to the forefront as an accepted art format.

This is why I have enrolled with the CPCAU and wish to advance my art and status with equal passionate members of an equal and passionate community in Australasia.



  • Ann Kullberg CP Treasures vol 11, 111, 1V

  • Ann Kullberg Cats & Dogs

  • Ann Kullberg Draw landscapes

  • Article in the Colored Pencil Mag - The four Jolly Old Men of Lydford

  • Article in the Colored Pencil Mag – Featured Artist

  • UK Colored Pencil Society – Various articles and pictures.

  • Blog publications for Derwent – Weathered, Broken and Overgrown

  • Blog Publications for Hobbycraft, Jackson’s Art, Creative Papers.

  • Blog Publication for the Artist and Illustrator magazine

  • Blog Publication for Ann Kullberg


  • UKCPS 13th Open Annual Exhibition 2014

    • Reserved best in show – ‘Rolling Breaker’

    • Best Still life – ‘Wave Sculpture’

  • UKCPS 14th Open Annual Exhibition 2015

    • Reserved best in show – ‘The Four Jolly Old Men of Lydford’

    • Highly Commended – ‘Salt Water Decay’

  • UKCPS 15th Open Annual Exhibition 2016

    • 4 pictures accepted into the exhibition

  • UKCPS 16th Open Annual Exhibition 2017

    • People’s Choice award – ‘Eve’s Elixir’

    • Highly Commended – ‘Weathered, Broken & Overgrown’

  • UKCPS 17th Open Annual Exhibition 2018

    • Best in Show – ‘Safe Harbour’

  • UKCPS - Various recognition in their Reginal Exhibitions, 2014, 2015, 2016

  • Art & Illustrator – Artist of the year 2018

    • Second place award

  • Willoughby Memorial Gallery – Open exhibition 2015

    • First Place - ‘The Four Jolly Old Men of Lydford’

  • Willoughby Memorial Gallery – Open exhibition 2017

    • First Place - ‘Eve’s Elixir’

  • Acceptance into the Artist UK exhibition 2016 – Colored Pencil work – Fiox Falls.


 Gallery representation:

  • A Four-week Joint Colored Pencil Exhibition at the Willoughby Memorial Gallery 2018.

  • Colored Pencil workshops at the Willoughby Memorial Gallery 2018.


Other Achievements:

  • Two years on the UKCPS Executive committee, organizing the facility, etc. at the Patchings Art Festival

‘The Four Jolly Old Men of Lydford’

H 23cm x W 50cm

Pure Colored Pencil

Derwent Coloursoft, Artist, Studio, F/C Polychromos, Caran D’ache Pablo

Fabriano Artistico

My own reference - Found subject in Lydford, Devon

‘Eve’s Elixir’

H 29cm x W 42cm

Mixed media

99% Colored Pencils

1% Fine Liner pen, Derwent Inktense, no water

Polychromos, a few Prismacolor, Fabriano 5

My own reference - Subject found at the Somerset Cider Brandy Co.

‘Safe Harbour’

H 48cm x W 28cm

Mixed Media

99% Colored Pencils

1% Fine Liner pen, Derwent Coloursoft, Artist, Procolour, Polychromos, a few Prismacolor,

Fabriano Artistico

My own Reference

Subject found at Mevagissey, Cornwall

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