Membership Subscription with the Coloured Pencil Community of Australasia is open to pencil lovers and artists of all ages and artistic levels from beginner to professional (remember all professional artists started out as beginners at one point). We welcome both those residing within the Australasian region and our international friends. Memberships Subscriptions will renew automatically every year unless you cancel your subscription which may be done at any time. Your welcome pack should be emailed to you within a few days of joining. Accepted mediums include wax based, oil based and watercolour pencils. Mixed media pieces are accepted so long as the artwork comprises at least 60% coloured pencil.

If you have any questions about Membership then please don't hesitate to message the team at

Benefits of Membership

  • A welcome pack with your membership card and information will be emailed to you within a week of joining

  • Pencil It In, our informative digital newsletter, will be emailed to you each quarter.

  • You will have the opportunity to participate in our annual online International Exhibition

  • The opportunity to work towards Signature and Master Status

  • Members have access to the Members Only Areas and Forum, including exclusive free tutorials, member only competitions and the ability to interact with other members.

  • You will have a featured artwork on our website Gallery page and can include links to your own website or Facebook page on our Member's Website page

  • Professional artists can promote their Patreon sites, websites and tutorials and reach a potentially wider audience.

  • You will be eligible for Sponsor discounts.

Testimonials from some of our Members

CPCAU is such a rich community that I hardly know where to begin. It isn't only about the shared love of coloured pencils, but is (most importantly) about friendship, communication of ideas, and huge support! CPCAU is a lively group, brimming with conversation, information and humour. (We are also quite good at virtual hugs when members need them.) Originally I didn't think we needed another CP group however I was quickly converted...because this isn't simply a is a real community. This has turned out to be my number one CP place to hang out. When I have new work to show this is the first place I show it. When I think of a particular CP technique I want to tell others about this is where I share it. I enjoy seeing all the art and reading what members have to say on all range of subjects. This is CP home!

Julie Podstolski, Western Australia 

Sometimes I feel like you all are in my living room, paying me a visit and helping me with my art. Being a subscriber to CPCAU is like icing on the get all the extras.

Dianne Muth, US

From Day One, the CPCAU was a group I wanted to be a member of! ...... that newsletter... oh my goodness, it's SPECTACULAR!! All of this combined with the beautiful posts from so many great artists keep me enthralled ...... So addictive! ...

Cynthia Knox, US


Joining CPCAU was my best decision ever....  I think I’m the only member from this entire country & I proudly represent CPCAU in whichever exhibition I participate..... CPCAU has given me a platform to showcase my art & build up my confidence & it’s my great privilege to be in company of such wonderful great master artists who not only inspire you but also encourages you at every step to help you bloom. I love the support I have always received from this community & I don’t feel alone even in this remote region. 
....I would recommend joining this beautiful community to anyone & everyone who wishes to fulfill their dream of becoming a good colored pencil artist

Neha Subramaniam, United Arab Emirates


Being an artist can be quite lonely, you work on your own for most of the time (furry studio assistants aside), belonging is very important to me, so finding out that, even though I'm in the UK, I could join the CPCAU was really exciting, I can enter my work into their online competitions, I receive fabulous newsletters each month packed with information that really does interest me, their social pages are always active with members posting and engaging, but most of all the real genuine support the society and it's members give is second to none. I'd recommend joining the CPCAU to every coloured pencil artist.

Bonny Snowdon, UK


....I began searching the internet for ‘something ‘ but couldn’t find anything that spoke to me......Out of nowhere the CPCAU appeared and within a day or two I had joined and submitted my first artwork. I finally found my art family! What I love most about being a subscriber is the sense of belonging. This feels like home. Everyone is encouraging no matter what your ability level is, knowledge is shared freely and questions answered in a variety of ways. .... The CPCAU has not only met my expectations, it has exceeded them. This wonderful group of people has restored my self esteem and gave me confidence .....

Karen Brown, NSW Aus

As a new member of this society I have been happily surprised by the support and enthusiasm of all the artists here. As a young artist in the middle of Wales, UK, life can be lonely and unmotivating. But joining this society has given me hope and excitement for doing what I love and meeting others with the same enthusiasm for colour pencil. It has really helped me feel part of something again and would definitely recommend it to others.

Sema Martin, UK

CPCAU is the most welcoming and open group for colored pencil artists by far. You can learn, educate and share your journey in this amazing drawing medium. The people are friendly, supportive and are willing to give advice to help you with your creations. The website has all kinds of wonderful information, ...Fun things to draw and learn each month. The newsletter is awesome and always chocked full of information. Whether you are just beginning or have been at it for several decades, there is always something new to learn.

David Neace, US

......from day one I found this group welcoming, warm and most of all generous, in a sense of help, support and guidance when needed. There is a overwhelming sense of a family feeling about this group ..... The CPCAU are always striving to improve on what is already a great group ..... I can not think of a better place to be for support, guidance and I plan to belong here for a long time or as long as the group will have me

Paul Jones, Switzerland

CPCAU is honestly one of the few art groups I truly enjoy being a part of. The highly professional aspects for subscribers with full membership are unique, like the professional newsletter and high quality tutorials that are offered. And the c

community offers all members a positive place where trust and respect are valued. Highly recommended!

Susan Brinkmann, Netherlands was a no brainer to join CPCAU as soon as I heard of it, even though I live in England. I am thrilled to be a part of such a supportive and interactive group. ........Our newsletter is brilliant and we have monthly challenges to keep us thinking and trying out new images and ideas. I highly recommend this society to every coloured pencil artist – no matter where they live in the world.

Robin Rudolph, UK

...The CPCAU has given me also new ideas on CPs, a great resource to learn how other artists work in this medium. My own work has improved rapidly as I have gained confidence and have that ready support when needed. As a late starter with hand disabilities, I am able to use this medium which has so many undiscovered possibilities in application and outcomes. Loving the CPCAU.

Marilyn Thiesel,  Tasmania, Aus

Joining the CPCAU has opened up a whole new world for me.... I have found the CPCAU to be a treasure trove of learning resources and materials offers and tips, besides being an exceptionally helpful and supportive community that has really made me feel I belong.  I recommend CPCAU for any beginning coloured pencil artist.

Gabriela Thieke, QLD Aus

I have only wonderful things to say about the CPCAU......and was delighted when I saw how much was offered: Contact with CP artists on the “other” side of the world from me, a warm, stimulating, talented, and totally supportive group of artists; the opportunity to exhibit in an annual online show with several award categories; monthly theme and art challenges with the added encouragement of prizes; a mentorship program which is brilliant; a newsletter which is beautifully done.... professional, interesting and full of inspiring ideas.

Bonnie Sheckter, Canada

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