Katrina Benson

Waning Days of Summer
Colored Pencil
Own reference

I am a fulltime artist and Vice President of The Art Guild, Port Washington (a non-profit organization providing encouragement, education and a forum for the appreciation of the visual arts).
My primary medium is Colored Pencil. My work gravitates toward realism, although I enjoy all forms of artistic expression and experimentation. Working in realism is an opportunity to explore easily overlooked nuances in the world around me. The process of looking deeply and interpreting with each stroke gives me a profound sense of connection and gratitude for the wonders of even the simplest of objects.

Benson, Katrina. “Mastering Backgrounds: Beautiful Bokeh.” Color: A Colored Pencil Magazine, August 2019.
Benson, Katrina. “Featured in Colored Pencil Tips.” Colored Pencil Magazine, September 2018.

“Keeping it Light” – Awarded Best in Show, The Art Guild, 2018
“Keeping it Light” – Awarded Best in Show, Saddleback College
“Waning Days of Summer”—Juried in for the 2018 Wallflowers exhibit
“Waning Days of Summer”—September 2018 Art Showcase, Color Magazine

Other Achievements:
Instructor at The Art Guild, Port Washington
On exhibit at the American Beauty Bistro, Massapequa

Colored Pencil and PanPastel
PXHere and Imagination

8x10 inches
Colored Pencil
Own reference

Colored Pencil

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