Jill Parry

Hidden in Plain Sight

54 cm x 38 cm

Prismacolor on Stonehenge Paper

Own Reference

I was born in London and for the past 10 years I have specialised in creating artwork using coloured pencils.

I draw wildlife in order to highlight the plight of endangered species, a subject very close to my heart.
Equestrian Art is also one of my passions.



•          International Artist Magazine where I have been a finalist twice in the Wildlife Art category.

•         Ann Kullberg CP Treasures Book on three occasions


Other Achievements:

•         I have exhibited my work three times with the Society of Equestrian Artists both at the Mall Galleries and the Menier Gallery in London.

•         Finalist in David SHEPHERD's Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017 at the Mall Galleries in London.

At the Scratching Post

76 cm x 54 cm

Polychromos, Prismacolor, Pablo & Luminance

on Graphix Drafting Film

Reference - (1 ) Pixabay Gerard HELLENGER  (2) Own picture

The Knight Before the Battle

54 cm x 38 cm

Polychromos, Pablo & Luminance

on Graphix Drafting Film

Own Reference


54 cm x 38 cm

Polychromos on Graphix Drafting Film

Own Reference

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