Drawn Together Exhibition

Award winners

$800 cash prize

Sharon Siew Suan Kow

Textures of Life

20 x 20 inches (50.8 x 50.8cm)

100% Colour pencils. Faber-Castell Polychromos

Own reference

Judges comments:"Textures of Life” by Sharon SS Kow is hands down a stand out piece. Looking at this makes me first wonder how the artist could keep focus on such a large image that contains so much texture and little variety of color. I can only imagine she had to just do one of the most difficult maneuvers an artist must make - trust their process. I doubt anyone could guess that this was done with colored pencils with its hyper-realistic portrayal of such an unusual subject. You can just see the rust flaking off and the weight of the chains. I congratulate you on using you concentrated skills to represent this medium, and your unique style & composition, proudly to the world!

$500 cash prize

Bonnie Sheckter


13.125 inches high x 16.375 inches wide

100% coloured pencil (Prismacolor on matte acetate)

Photo based partly on a photo from a friend, with permission, and partly on my own photo

$250 cash prize each
$50 cash prize each

The CPCAU would like to say a HUGE thank you to Sally Robertson, Editor in Chief at the Colored Pencil Magazine. With so many stunning artworks submitted, her job was an extremely challenging one and we are so grateful to her for all her time and efforts. Sally put a lot of time, care and consideration into making her selections and we are so grateful for her feedback and insights on her selections.

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