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Polychromos, Pablos & Luminance with pan pastel sky, on Bristol Vellum 400 series,

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I love the medium of coloured pencils because with it I can produce fine details, an abundance of textures and an inexhaustible array of colour in my work. It also allows me more control than I would have with a brush. It may not be the perfect medium, but it is perfect for me. Working with coloured pencils alone gives me a great deal of satisfaction, I do however occasionally wander over to the dusty side and add pastels to my work or watercolour pencils, both of which compliment coloured pencils well. My portfolio shows a variety of subjects, largely chosen because they were easy for me to find and photograph but also because they called to me to draw them. The cakes were a fantastic learning tool, many of the techniques I learnt from rendering the textures I still use today, the gems taught me precision and colour mixing and the insects and flowers taught me patience and perseverance, it took a long time for me to be able to draw petals.


Since taking over my husband’s better-quality camera my horizons have broadened, I’m a keen amateur photographer and have been on a few photography days at animal sanctuaries which has had a major impact on my work …. The Big Cats have been a huge feature in the past 12 months and have pushed me to work on a larger scale, this has felt like both a huge move and a natural step, I felt that the cats needed the space. I’m happy to be led by my experiences and although the cats will continue to feature strongly for some time to come I’m sure that my pencils will want to draw other subjects at some point. I have taught a couple of one to one workshops, and I am in the process of setting up a dedicated space in my home to make this a more regular event.



  • Athena Emerging - David Shepherd Award 2018 August – Selected for UKCPS Annual Exhibition at Stratford 2018 Bee-ing Spoonfed – Highly Commended Patchings 2017

  • It’s all about me CP Treasures 4 Butterfly on a wall Hidden Treasures 2

  • Rose Bud Tutorial in Anne Kullberg’s Color Magazine

  • Eraser Shield Article in Colored Pencil Magazine



Polychromos on buttercup Pastelmat

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‘Athena Emerging’


Polychromos & pan pastel background on white Pastelmat

My photo ref



Polychromos on Pastelmat

 My photo ref

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