Angela Matuschka

'Winter Squirrel'
8” x 8”
Colored Pencils, Uni Posca white marker on Canson Illustration paper
Reference: Karen Riston

Angela Matuschka is a German artist. Following her studies of fine arts and art therapy in Germany,
she ran her own painting school for children and taught art education for youths and adults. Many years ago she studied with the artist Bet Borgeson, a pioneer in working with colored pencils, and since then colored pencils are her favorite artistic tools. She loves them for their uncomplicated handling and yet very versatile possibilities. For some time, she has been running her own classes on working with colored pencils. She loves to draw animals, but also more abstract works, like mandalas or works from imagination.

DRAW Wildlife, (Featured Artist), 2019
Colored Pencil Treasures 6 (Title Page), 2019
Strokes of Genius 10, 2018
Botanical Mandalas by Louise Gale, 2018
Tutorial step-by-step in 'Talking Point', 2018, UKCPS
Colored Pencil Treasures 5, 2017
Incite 4, The best of Mixed Media, 2016
Colored Pencil Hidden Treasures 3, 2016
Colored Pencil Treasures 3, 2015
Tutorial step-by-step in Color Magazine, Ann Kullberg, 2014
Ann Kullberg Color magazine Cover, 2014
Several times over the years in the gallery of Ann Kullberg's printed Color magazine

'Award for Excellence', Explore This, 2018, CPSA
UART Spring Competition, 2019
UKCPS, second prize, Flower competition 2019
Animals exhibition, Light, Space, Time Gallery 2019
Animals exhibition, Light, Space, Time Gallery 2018
Animals exhibition, Light, Space, Time Gallery 2017
UKCPS Exhibition, Highly Commended, 2005
UKCPS, Christmas cards, 2005

Gallery representation:
2015/16 Kunstverein (Art Society), Baden-Baden
Teaching colored pencil classes (since 2015)
Volkshochschule (Community college), Baden-Baden
Kunstverein, Baden-Baden
Private colored pencil classes, Offenburg
Tutorials in magazines (see above)

'The Curious Climber'
7” x 10”
Colored Pencils on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper Reference: Achim Schumacher

'In A New Light'
7” x 10”
Colored Pencils on pastelmat
Reference: Sonia Mckinlay

12” x 12”
Colored Pencils, Uni Posca white marker on

Canson Mi-Teintes paper
Own design

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